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music, lyrics, instruments and vocals by me :)


Hello my lovely friends, family and fans,


Oh how special this one is to me, once again 

(I know I say that with every release ☺️✨)


Serendipity is about space and the unknown. 

How humans and stars are made of the exact same material and how orbits are infinite. 


On a personal note, I’ve always felt a bit lost - in different aspects of my life. 

But what I do know are the things that make me the happiest, and creating music is definitely one of them. 


Enough said, please enjoy this piece of mine and listen intently (with headphones or on a good stereo sound system), as the lyrics are especially meaningful to me. 


Thank you to everyone for your continuous support, I appreciate every like, share and listen so, so much.


Opa, du hörst mich von oben. 


Love and Light to all,

& a very Merry Christmas!!

  • Kat 



Composition: Katharina Zahn

Lyrics: Katharina Zahn

Instrumentals & Vocals: Katharina Zahn


Producer/Mixing: Katharina Zahn

Mastering: Friedemann Tischmeyer 

Cover Art: Paula Zahn

constant moral support: Paula & Luisa Zahn