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growing up both in the United States and Germany, I've had an abundance of influences culturally and artistically throughout my life.

I can't remember a time I didn't draw or paint and I started advanced painting courses at 13 years old. I started playing the piano at 6 years old and after a trip to New Orleans as a teenager, I discovered my love for jazz music - especially bossa nova and blues.


Soon after, my sister and I formed our Duo           "K&L Jazzduo", still performing around Germany today - her on the jazz guitar with me singing.

Aside from K&L Jazzduo I've performed with Big Bands and Jazz Combos, sometimes solo instrumentalists - and I absolutely love the stage.

Currently I'm working a few different projects with local and international musicians, with performances here and there.  

Traveling a lot and investing time into my artisic side has just made me more motivated to continue singing and painting.

Inspired by living in Barcelona in 2015, I started teaching myself to play the guitar, with solos by me featured on the EP.

I am also very excited about the videos featured here, which are all edited and produced by me and co-filmed by my little sister Paula Zahn. 


You may know that I am a full-time medical student in Aachen, Germany and part-time registered nurse, 

working in neonatology during my semester breaks. 

It's tough to juggle medical school, my job and music/art, but I try my best to balance out stressful days as best as I can. 

To everyone I know visiting my site: thank you for taking the time to support me! I can keep this going and fulfill future goals through you all, so keep on listening and sharing! :)




Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.



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about me
About Me

About Me

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